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What Could a True World Cup of Hockey Look Like?

I am talking about a world tournament and not the NHL one that was put on awhile back.

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5 thoughts on “What Could a True World Cup of Hockey Look Like?

  1. I absolutely think this is necessary to grow the game for every sport.

    We need a real WC for hockey and baseball in addition to the soccer and basketball ones in pl I would say the cricket world cup is a factor too but ICC (the International Cricket Council) has done the opposite of grow the game by shrinking the world cup field down to 10 going forward as of now. Scheduling would not only have to dodge the FIFA WC but also ideally dodge FIBA WC (or at least happen before it) and the Summer Olympics. A 32 team field is ambitious at this stage, but a real 16-team WC field would be great if there was a commitment to full-strength teams, unlike the world championships that are more of a smattering of elite guys.

  2. Soccer is growing in Canada. With the introduction of the Canadian Premier League in 2019 and the World Cup coming to North America in 2026 hopefully Canada will pull out of mediocrity within the next decade.

  3. Btw you should look into the ranking off the teams the USA is ranked 4th but when did they last win any gold? I have a theory that when there are only US players on a team they will never win internationally. They sure do great in nhl teams but trying to become team USA they are doomed to fail.

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