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Why you NEED video… (tennis improvement)

Video analysis isn't just a novel, high-tech fad... it's an invaluable tool for tennis improvement, and can help you identify and resolve critical errors in your technique. The best part? You can start right NOW. Here's some gear to get you started: Tripod: Phone tripod mount: Tablet tripod mount: GoPro: ———————————— Ready to

Women’s Soccer Analysis & Coaching at Rider University

“Having the visual feedback and data with Performa Sports has been priceless” - Drayson Hounsome, Head Women's Soccer Coach shares how he and his players use analysis as a teaching and learning tool at Rider University in New Jersey.

How to Use Slow Motion Video to Study the Golf Swing A brief and simple demonstration of the process I use for video analysis to help students to understand and improve their technique during their golf lessons. I believe this information to be invaluable to players of all skill level, and a very helpful tool for making complicated ideas easier to