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Antonio Brown Not Thrilled With Start Of New NFL Season

after Pittsburgh was beaten 42-37 at home by Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, a former Steelers flack said that Antonio Brown’s success was solely attributed to Ben Roethlisberger. The receiver replied and said he’d go to any other team to prove that line of thinking wrong: Trade me...let's find out Apparently, Brown

Disc Golf Experience at Arrowhead Stadium

Dynamic Discs setup a 9 hole course at Arrowhead stadium (home of the Kansas City Chiefs.) Kansas City is known for having the loudest fans in the NFL and one of the largest disc golf communities in the world. They put on an awesome event. We got

The Film Room Ep. 30: Zach Cunningham Scouting Report

If you would like to support the growth of the channel, you can visit my Patreon page here: Look for me on Twitter @BrettKollmann This week's episode was delayed a few hours due to an invasion of bees in my office (I'm not joking, there was a literal swarm of bees