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A basketball that will stand the test of time at an exceptional value!

Buy Here: ---------------------------------------- Long-lasting introductory rubber basketball with a grippy cover for enhanced control! Designed for everyday use, this high-quality rubber basketball will outlast and outperform other introductory balls. Whether you are in the gym or on the playground, the Performer’s tough rubber cover, grippy pebbled surface, and superior materials will stand

Gymles: Hockey 2: Hockeygolf !

Maak van pionnen of andere voorwerpen 'holes'. Leerlingen mogen individueel, of in groepjes proberen om in zo min mogelijk slagen de 'hole' te raken. Na een slag moet er verder gespeeld worden vanaf de plek waar de bal stil komt te liggen... dus precisie en concentratie is vereist! Maak het spel

Quick Hockey Post-Game Meal Ideas πŸ’

- Get our Hockey Training Programs here! Here are the two quick post-game hockey meals mentioned in the video: #1 - Protein Shake + PBJ Sandwich - 30 grams whey isolate protein powder - 2 slices whole grain bread - 2 tablespoons natural peanut butter - 1 tablespoon organic jam #2 - Greek Yogurt