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Hit fades and draws with some simple golf tips and improve your golf swing today. Learning how to hit draws and fade golf shots is a skill many struggle with but it can often help you understand what shape suits your game and also gives you more skills to get

OVER THE TOP golf swing A DRILL to fix

This drill is a simple way to stop that "over the top" action in the golf swing. Never slice it again! Check out my articles in Bunkered magazine Subscribe for free Follow me on twitter Like me on Facebook

Golf Le Vert Parc Illies – Tee 17 en 360°

Découvrez chaque trou du Golf Le Vert Parc à Illies en 360° au travers du partie. Le trou 17, long de 195 mètres, est un par 3. Découvrez les autres trous et plus d'information sur ce golf sur . Le Golf d'Illies est situé à proximité de Lille, dans le Nord,

Learn how wrist bends affect your golf swing

How your wrists bend/hinge during the golf swing means A LOT in regard to how well you hit the ball. But many people ignore the importance of "wrist bends" and therefore may not be handling an important first step toward improvement.