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1-10-18 2V2 STREET HOCKEY: Gavin Farewell Tour Game 6

RULES: First to 3 wins. Cross the far dots to get possession. Gavin and Chris team up in millionares jerseys to battle Alex Kosiancic and Trevor Monaghan. Garik is very wet. This is the 6th of 9 games recorded this night. Tweet us!

Tennis Ball Machine 2

Working on my ground strokes using a ball machine. Subscribe if you like my content Thanks for watching Follow me on: Twitter- Instagram-

basquete FREESTYLE 2017- crazy street basketball moves STREETBALL

Olá pessoal esse é o vídeo de melhores jogadas do basquete FREESTYLE 2017 de Maycon Castro, crazy street basketball moves STREETBALLpra vocês curtirem. basquete FREESTYLE 2017- Maycon Castro crazy street basketball moves STREETBALL é um vídeo dos melhores movimentos de crossover. Não somos jogadores da NBA, mas sempre sai as melhores