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September 2018 – The Loot Locker – $20 All-Star Baseball Locker (RECAP)

First time ever trying The Loot Locker, but got to know him the past month and I can definitely say Joel is a really good dude. If you want your own Loot Locker, go check him out! and follow him on Instagram @TheLootLocker

Been sick since the weekend, sorry for not uploading sooner. I also apologize for having to do a recap! I hate doing them but there was an issue with the live break and I had to scrap it. I wasn’t expecting to do other sports so soon, so not really too familiar with the products.

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4 thoughts on “September 2018 – The Loot Locker – $20 All-Star Baseball Locker (RECAP)

    1. At least I’ve heard of him before pulling it, so I knew he had to be somewhat relevant haha. Time to start brushing up on the top 500 prospects soon.

  1. Woooooo! I want some more NMS Sports Card Baseball!!! Nice video. Those A&G packs are weird, the rip cards are like nothing I’ve ever seen and then they add in dumb celebrities into the mix… I pulled a 1/1 Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers this year… I guess it’s better then a 1/1 Justin Bieber though….

    1. Haha it’s definitely a possibility. I keep seeing so many people pulling insane cards I’m getting jealous. I love football cards, but it hurts seeing crazy RPAs sell for fractions of what baseball autos sell for. And there’s about 20 different 1/1s in each product now.. Just so much being pumped out it’s not even worth ripping most of it anymore. Yeah the A&G are odd cards. My favorite are the hottest peppers hahaha. But dude I bet some tween girl will sell her soul for that Nick Jonas card lmao.

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