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NFL WEEK 8 RECAP 2018 (NFL Week 8 Breakdown 2018) Packers vs Rams Saints vs Vikings

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5 thoughts on “NFL WEEK 8 RECAP 2018 (NFL Week 8 Breakdown 2018) Packers vs Rams Saints vs Vikings

  1. Thielen said Teddy was a huge impact on his game and development. Now I wonder if Diggs development is because of Teddy too. Teddy did get Antonio Brown to work with the WR’s (Minus Treadwell, coincident?). Keenum even talked about how Teddy pointed things out on the defense that he didn’t see. Now I more then ever believe Teddy was a bigger impact on the Rise and Fall of the Vikings. Teddy’s rookie year deserves praise with what he did with the weak offensive core and a rebuilding defense. Then comes AP. Run Run 7 step drop Teddy go save us. If Walsh didn’t miss the field goal the narrative on Teddy is complete opposite.

  2. Good teams (QB) can overcome turnovers. Kirk has been lucky all year with db’s dropping int’s and horrible decisions and fumbles. Law of average! Luck don’t get u consistent wins with good teams. Kirk shoulda had another pick 6 vs he saints where Manti Teo dropped the int and the td to Thielen got deflected at the line and bounced to his hands lol. Vikes beat 2 rookies and a banged up eagles team and they elite again? Lol. Also Saints stats are misleading. Why keep gunning it when they up 3 possessions? They chewed up the clock…. Once upon a time Washington Redskins and Jay Gruden was the joke of the nfl for horrible game time management. Now Vikes too? Hmmmmm

  3. Fornette is the reason jags were winning last year? False narrative. The defense don’t get turnovers anymore and also not getting defensive td’s. And the disrespect for TJ Yeldon. Rb1 with Fournette’s touches.

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