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NFL Week 8 Power Rankings 2018 – WEEK 8 NFL POWER RANKINGS 2018 (UPDATED WEEKLY)

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5 thoughts on “NFL Week 8 Power Rankings 2018 – WEEK 8 NFL POWER RANKINGS 2018 (UPDATED WEEKLY)

  1. None sees this but me as a panther fan are offense of line is fucking ass they can’t protect cam newton for more than 2 seconds the whole game it’s so bad

  2. Patriots at 2? I think the chiefs are still doing much better than the pats. They are 6-1 and they just won 45-10 against a good bengals team. Sure they lost against the pats but u gotta remember that it’s hard to play in foxbourogh. 43-40. I’m a Steelers fan btw but other than that placement in ur rankings everything else was spot on. Good video keep it up

  3. Spot on about the Bengals. I wasn’t expecting to win at Arrowhead but I thought it would be much closer. Clearly the loss to Pittsburgh had a big impact.

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