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NEW Soccer Training Program (Dec 22nd) *Need Your Ideas!

Hey! I’m releasing a new soccer training program before Christmas on December 22nd but I need your help to ensure it’s the best possible soccer training program ever created.

Please watch this video and comment below with your input.


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NEW Soccer Training Program (Dec 22nd) *Need Your Ideas!


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NEW Soccer Training Program (Dec 22nd) *Need Your Ideas!

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6 thoughts on “NEW Soccer Training Program (Dec 22nd) *Need Your Ideas!

  1. Let me know!

    What is missing?
    What else would you like it to include?
    How can I make it better for you?

    December 22nd
    New Program Release

    Dylan Tooby
    Progressive Soccer

  2. I think a good thing to put in this problem is common everyday struggles ‘footballers’ face and how to find the best solution and on veganism and not being one and how to love in both worlds if possible. Although many people would get offended.

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