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8 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova Press Conference | Porsche Tennis Grand Prix First Round

  1. Well spoken, conduct of ureself Pova. I note the Brexit Crew attempted to ruin the meeting with their perpetual flaky principled, double standard drivel.

  2. Alright Sharapova supporters. Explain to me how she deserves her Rome WC over Francesca Schiavone.

    Francesca Schiavone: Former FO champion, Italian, multiple Rome QFs, FINAL YEAR ON THE CIRCUIT = NO WILD CARD. not even a Qualifying WC.

    Maria Sharapova: Banned from positive drug test, NO RANK = receives WC into Rome MAIN DRAW.

    How can you criticize other players for being angry at this? She is taking away WCs from much more deserving players.

    1. Well that’s easy. the answer is Sharapova is THE legend. She made a mistake and she is ready to change and come back stronger than before so sit down your jealous ass and watch Sharapova win

    2. Manny Zooster It is a tournaments’ call and if Sharapova draws more crowds they will go with her. It is a business decision and they are professional athletes.

    3. maria is and always be my idol and hero even though she did get banned, she is not a drugs cheat she put her hands up and said sorry she even said she never ever intended to cheat with intention that drug she took she even said it again in the press conference she needed it for health reasons, yes should have stated it and found a more legal one, i believe she did break the rules but with intent , she is a icon and she should be getting wild cards because tennis needs her, players are angry because they see her as a threat

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