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#LiveUnderParChallenge Post Commissioned For Golf Client

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Our Tools Used To Create:

Our Gimbal Stablizer:
Our Gimbal Thumb Controller:
Our Gimbal Battery:
Our Field Monitor:
Our Primary Tripod:
Our Secondary Tripod:
Our Mini Tripod:
Our Primary Camera:
Our Secondary Camera:
Our Camera Lenses:

Our Camera Adapter:
Our Mic 1:
Our Mic 2:
Our Lights:
Our Rig:
Our Drone:
Our Post Production Software:
Our Computer:
Our Camera Strap:
Our GoPro 6:
Our GoPro Battery:
Our GoPro Light:
Our Smartphone Gimbal:
Our Sony Camera Battery:
Our Panasonic Battery:
Our Light Battery:
Our Studio Lighting Kit:
Our Smartphone:
Our Camera Bag:
Our Memory Card 1:
Our Memory Card 2:
Our Hard Drive 1:
Our Hard Drive 2:
Our Hard Drive 3:

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