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How To Use Your Body In Soccer To Protect The Ball

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We are going over how to use your body in soccer to protect the ball in this video. ******* Get Your Free Soccer Training Course Here:

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About this video: We are going over how to shield the ball in football in this video! Being able to use your body in soccer effectively is very important. Great thing is you don’t need to be huge or muscular to do so. Sure, that helps, but even if you’re smaller, you can learn to protect the ball.

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5 thoughts on “How To Use Your Body In Soccer To Protect The Ball

  1. Happy Easter to all of you celebrating! We are going over some of the basics when it comes to using your body in soccer to protect the ball! New video tomorrow at 5PM!

  2. Dave I’m in jamaica and coaches here are biased. I got cut from the team because I was slow and there were other guys that were slow and they made the team

  3. hey Dave i am Skillzah on Snapchat 🙂 I had a game today and i was up front myself so holding the ball up is pretty essential! I think i don’t that well today as i would receive a ball, have a decent first touch and lay it off to my teammate and bring them into play while holding off my man, so i think that is one of my strengths: holding off a man 🙂

  4. Dave i have tryouts in the summer. should I concentrate on my football or think about what the coach is gonna say

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