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Matt Wallace Golf Swing – mid-iron (DTL & FO views), Sky Sports British Masters, October 2018.

Matt Wallace golf swing (down-the-line and face-on views) mid-iron - second shot from the fairway on 4th hole (Par 4 of 427 yards - British Masters layout, Old course) and down-the-line shot from the Practice Ground. Sky Sports British Masters 2018. Walton Heath Golf Club (Surrey) pro-am day (Wednesday 10th

Erik van Rooyen Golf Swing – Long Iron (face-on & DTL), Sky Sports British Masters, October 2018.

Erik van Rooyen golf swing with a long-Iron - knock-down shot (face-on and down-the-line views) - Tee shot on the Par 4 13th hole of 465 yards at the Sky Sports British Masters 2018. Walton Heath Golf Club, (Surrey), practice day (Tuesday 9th October) 2018. High-speed video taken with Sony RX10

Join the Golf University Driving Mastery Program

Join the Golf University Driving Mastery Program at In this Free 3 Part Video Series two time PGA Teacher of the Year – David Milne will teach you: The Secret Driving Solution That Gives You Greater Accuracy, Distance, Control & Consistency & that Gets You Closer to Your Target on

Free Golf Betting Tips – How To Bet On Golf – Beginners Guide to Golf Betting

"How To Bet On Golf" is the topic on this episode of WagerTalk TV as Kelly Stewart sits down with Vegas golf handicapping expert Brady Kannon to go over some of his free golf betting tips. There are many different ways to bet on Professional Golf and there is

Improve Balance in your Golf Swing

When it comes to balance in your golf swing, the proprioceptors on the bottom of your feet do an amazing job of creating an awareness of your center of gravity (assuming they're turned on!). By rolling the Plantar Fascia (bottom of your feet) on a mobility ball you can wake

Get better balance in the golf swing.

This video filmed in the Eazigolf Indoor studio will help you get better balance throughout the swing. This will help you strike the golf ball better more of the time

Disc Golf Adventures Vol. 1

I bought a new GoPro Hero5 a couple of weeks ago and finally got a chance to get some footage and do some editing after a long week of midterms. Leave a comment and like if you enjoy!

Lumine Golf Club

Golf journalist James Mason from and takes a golf tour to play Lumine Golf Club, Lumine Beach and Golf Community, Hills Course reviews will appear in Issue11 of the planetgolfreview magazine. This is video is Hills Course at Lumine

Are You Being Taught the WRONG WAY to Release the Golf Club?

Bonus vid: There are a LOT of golf instructors out there teaching their students a foolish way to release the golf club that puts a TON of stress on the spine and is costing YOU a TON of distance. A proper release that you see from all the tour pros is